| Welcome to AIRRECK.com!

Hey everyone and welcome to my first website! AIRRECK.com is my personal/professional website that I put together because
1.) I need to know how to do this stuff since everyone thinks I already know how to.
2.) because it will help me out later in the industry to show that I have a website, a central/accessable location of my work.
3.)...and well it's acutally kind of fun!

Anyway, if you see this site then make sure to find a way to contact me to let me know what you think of it. Feedback is always appreciated! (also, if you find any misspellings make sure to let me know)

Email: ericb.mueller@gmail.com

|Still Under Construction!

Alright! I only have one more page to finish!...unfortunately it's the hard one...
(I.E. Reel)

However, I have already learned so much that, hopefully, I wont make the same mistakes I've made on the past pages. I'm still going to try to have this whole thing done by the end of the year.

Wish me luck!

Month Goal Status
August Finish theme and first webpage (Home) COMPLETE
September Finish the minor pages, COMPLETE
October Begin work on gallery COMPLETE
November Finish portfolio gallery COMPLETE
December Begin and hopfully finish my reel page

As always, thanks for browsing!

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